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Welcome to Impulse, where we work to respond to neurodivergence and improve lives.

We are excited to share our work with you and hope you will join us in making a difference.

Our Recent News

Police responding in London


Met Police to stop attending mental health emergencies

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Using senses sensory perception with finger and rainbow light

Sensory Issues

Understanding sensory issues and finding support

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Prison Reform


Breaking the chains of neurodivergence in prisons

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Satisfied Clients

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Service User

Impulse supported me during my time of need, guiding me through referrals and support paths to ensure I got the assistance I needed promptly. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking support.

five star rating
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I gained valuable information from the event. I really like the team and what they stand for.

five star rating
London Metropolitan Police Officer

CT Police

Impulse helped us a greatly in dealing with the sensitivities of this investigation and the family – thank you!

five star rating
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