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Our appropriate adult service is a vital resource for neurodivergent children, young people, and vulnerable adults who find themselves in police custody. Certainly! Did you know that, up to 60% of individuals in police custody have a neurodivergent condition such as autism, ADHD, or a learning disability.

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Unfortunately, individuals with neurodivergent conditions are often misunderstood and may struggle to communicate effectively with the police. This is where our appropriate adult service comes in. Our team of specialists is trained to provide round-the-clock support, advice, and assistance to individuals during detention or police interviews.

We work closely with the police to ensure that the person's rights are protected and that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our appropriate adults are highly skilled at identifying potential issues and communicating effectively with the police to ensure that the person's needs are met.

Our service is designed to help individuals with neurodivergent conditions navigate the criminal justice system with confidence and ease. We provide support during charging, refer individuals to relevant services, and ensure that they are fully informed about their rights and options.

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At Impulse, we are committed to providing the highest quality appropriate adult service to individuals across the UK. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We are proud to be a trusted partner of the police in protecting the rights and interests of neurodivergent individuals.

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